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Thank you for visiting the ISAS New Orleans website.  We hope this website and the websites of the eleven member schools will provide you with the tools and information you need to make the appropriate educational choice for your child.  We believe that an investment in our children's education is an investment in those who will become the economic, cultural, civic and moral leaders of our world.  An ISAS New Orleans School can help pave their way.

           4 reasons to send your child to an independent school            

ISAS independent schools, parochial, public, charter, other non-accredited independent schools--a plethora of choices awaits you as you make the best educational choice for your child.  Family, philosophical and financial considerations will impact that choice.  We hope that one of the eleven ISAS New Orleans schools will accommodate your child's needs and your own personal circumstances.  Please take the time to explore this website and those of the eleven member schools linked to it.  It will be time well spent.


About ISAS

The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) is a regional association of 89 schools in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico enrolling more than 55,000 schools. More...

About Independent Schools

An independent school is non-profit, governed by a board of trustees and responsive to the parents who enroll their children in the school. More...